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Elizabeth Tripp  

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  • 1-Hour Session Packages

    • Power Packed $390
      3 One-Hour Sessions.If you are ready to make new discoveries and feel it is time to make changes in your life.
    • Speed Of Light $875
      7 One-Hour Sessions. If you are interested in seeing bigger results over a shorter period of time this would be a perfect package for you. 
    • 2-Hour Session Packages

      • Out of This World $750
        3 Two-hour Sessions. Expect to gain a greater understanding of what it is you are looking to let go of, change, or improve in your life.
      • Cosmic Shift $1,680
        7 Two-Hour Sessions. If you're interested in establishing a solid foundation for HUGE shifts in your life you will enjoy this series.  
  • Services

    • 1-Hour Session $165
      A 1-hour session will open up the opportunity for you to uncover the root of your imbalance, reset your mind and body, and get you feeling brand new!  You will begin to notice shifts in your energy levels, sleeping patterns, and outlook on life. 
    • 1.5 hour Session $240
      A 1.5 hour session allows you the opportunity to work more deeply to uncover the root of any imbalances you may be experiencing. These sessions will create bigger shifts over a shorter period of time in your life. 
    • 2-hour session $330
      A deeply transformative experience that will allow you the opportunity to fully discover the root of the imbalance you are experiencing. 
  • Gatherings

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  • Workshop

    • Awaken To Your Best You! $175
      It's time to AWAKEN TO YOUR BEST YOU! This is a 3-hour workshop where you will deeply connect to your mind body & soul to clear away negative narratives surrounding your abilities, self-worth, and body image once and for all! 
      You will leave with a truly FIT body and with the tools to expand on this through your nutrition, exercise, relationships, career and so much more! You will empowered yourself to awaken to the beauty, love & light that already reside within you! .



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